Theatre Review | Six – Nuffield Southampton Theatres

I’m not afraid to say that I am a nerd.

I love learning, and I loved school. In fact, I miss it a bit.

When I’m able to indulge my ‘nerdy’ side in everyday life, I go wild for it. I like films and books that I can analyse, I love a museum trip, and I (like most of us) love discovering new things while getting lost on Wikipedia on a lunch break.

So when I was invited along to watch the hit musical Six at Nuffield Southampton Theatres, I knew it would be right up my street.

A musical that masquerades as a pop concert, telling the stories of each of Henry VIII’s six wives? I am THERE.

The cast of Six on stage for an encore of the show, with the audience cheering

This is an incredible, empowering and brilliant production that lets six of the most famous, but voiceless, women in British history, tell their tales.

I haven’t stopped listening to the soundtrack since.

I’ve reviewed the whole show on Broadway World UK; but here’s a snippet to get you started:

“You can keep your Spice Girls reunion; this is the original female supergroup. Six is girl power in ruffs and bustles; these queens are reclaiming their names and embellishing them in glitter. Prepare to be royally entertained.”

Read my full review of Six on

The cast of Six perform on stage with glittering pop-star outfits


I was invited to review this performance for Broadway World UK, but as always all views are honest and completely my own.


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