Theatre Review | The Unreturning – Nuffield Southampton Theatres

I’ve come to realise that my favourite theatre is the clever stuff.

I don’t mean the intelligent, brainy theatre that requires you to use analyse every directorial choice and keep up with the plot. I mean the theatre that takes you by surprise and uses everything at its disposal to create something truly unique and mind-blowing.

I particularly love productions that transform the stage; be it by lighting, props, mechanisms and more.

Frantic Assembly does just that. They are notorious for their on-stage creativity, and their latest production at NST, The Unreturningdid not disappoint.

The Unreturning [4980]

Showing in Southampton until the 13th of October, The Unreturning explores what it really means for soldiers to return home after combat, and how the fight continues once they enter their own homes.

It is a truly wonderful performance and well deserving of the five stars I gave it in my review for Broadway World UK.

Here’s a snippet:

“As bold and brave as the story they are telling, Frantic Assembly makes the most of the space and creates an ever-moving set that tumbles through time. Using simple lighting, projection, powerful sound, and a single hollow shipping container, they transform the boards into a World War One trench, a dew-covered tent, the Scarborough seafront, and an overcrowded local.

“Continual movement and seamless costume changes mean that each story falls into place. We traverse time and space to witness the impact of conflict on ordinary men, as well as their families, the media, and their friends.”

Read my full review of The Unreturning on Broadway World UK

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