Theatre Review | American Idiot – The Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

When I was about 14, my sister got into Green Day. Naturally, because she was the cooler twin, I started copying her and listened to them a little too (only American Idiot, mind…).

Over a decade later (ew) I was excited to see how the album was translated onto the stage in musical form.

It’s now the show’s 10-year anniversary, and American Idiot is on its UK tour. This week it arrived at Southampton’s Mayflower Theatre for a few days, and I was lucky enough to go to the press night to review the production.

american idiot production_mark dawson photography__dsc1259

Photo credit: Mark Dawson Photography

The cast received a standing ovation, and I was transported back to 2005 as soon as the first chords of the opening number split open.

I reviewed the show for Broadway World UK, and you can read the whole thing on their website. Here’s a snippet to get you interested:

“American Idiot brings Green Day’s much-loved album to life in a punk-rock production that rebels against the musical archetype and vigorously sticks its middle finger up to everything and anything that gets in its way.”

Read my full review of American Idiot on Broadway World UK



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