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Theatre Review | The Woman in Black – Nuffield Southampton Theatres

[Press Tickets provided in exchange for a review]

When I went to see The Woman in Black at the cinema in 2012, I had a very sleepless night. As a self-confessed wimp, I knew it would scare me – I’d studied the book at school and we’d watched the old TV movie in class – but I had no idea just how terrifying I would find it.

The same story has an equally scary reputation in theatrical form, too, and I knew one day I would have to be brave and see it on stage for myself.

That day finally came this week when I went to see the stage adaptation at Nuffield Southampton Theatres, as a reviewer for Broadway World UK. I took my seat and settled down (with my hands almost over my eyes) ready to be thrilled and chilled.

My verdict? You’ll have to read my full review to find out. Here’s a snippet:

“There are no fancy special effects in this show; no outlandish technology, or complex storylines that confuse and bamboozle. It’s a classic ghost story on stage; the kind regaled around a fire, or with torches held beneath the chin, beautifully translated from book to boards.”

Read my review of The Woman in Black

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