Theatre Review | One Man, Two Guvnors – Nuffield Southampton Theatres

When I’m writing a theatre review, I get home after the show around 22:30 and start writing. Sometimes, I’m done and dusted by midnight. Other times, I’m still going at 02:00 and looking at four hours of sleep. It is, however, always worth it.

Last weekend I had four shows in a row; this means four late nights, four ways of saying a show was good (or bad!), and four more programmes to add to my collection. It was intense, and tiring, but so, so worth it!

One Man, Two Guvnors was the fourth and final show of the bunch. Co-produced by NST, it’s fabulously farcical and true, physical comedy is celebrated on stage with a marvellous cast.

Can you tell I loved it?

I reviewed the show for Broadway World UK (one of my little side hustles). Here’s a snippet:

“Francis Henshall is hungry, horny, and hapless. A failed musician who finds himself in Brighton in 1963, he gets caught up in a complicated and comical plot of mistaken identity and deception.

“In his bid to satiate his enormous appetite for both good food and good women, he finds himself juggling two masters who must never meet (but who also have madcap plans of their own). Naturally, things get very messy and very merry, and there are mishaps, calamities and mischief galore.”

Read the whole review

One Man, Two Guvnors is in Southampton until Saturday 12th October, and I highly recommend you catch it.

In fact, if you use JOFISHER20 to get 20% off any showing of One Man, Two Guvnors at Nuffield Southampton Theatres between 1-12 October 2019.

Photo credit: Mike Kwasniak

One Man 2 Guvnors Philip Tomlin Photography by [6913]

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