Poem | Endless Grey

Autumn has well and truly arrived. The rain has been almost relentless over the last week, the skies are perpetually grey, and all of a sudden the pavements are darker and damper and coated in leaves.

It got me thinking back to when I felt autumn was suddenly on its way. It was when I was in Weymouth in early September; I woke on my first morning to a lead-coloured sky over the sea. The day before had seemed like the last proper day of summer; this was the beginning of the next season, albeit a little early.

And so, on my balcony, I scribbled this imperfect, petite poem.

Happy autumn, one and all. Let’s welcome it with open arms.


Endless Grey

Autumn sent summer to its watery grave
under cover of darkness.
Overnight waves washing away sunkissed days
and in their place
leaving skies of endless grey,
edges grazed with champagne light,
bringing with them, rain;
the kind that soaks through unnoticed ‘til
it leaves a chill ingrained
which only scalding showers and cafe hours
can erase.

By Jo Fisher




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