Poem | When The Words Won’t Come

I’m posting this poem on Time To Talk Day 2020 – a calendar entry designed to promote the importance of talking to counteract, help or stave away mental health problems.

And it’s true. Talking is a hugely important part of normalising discussions surrounding mental health, breaking down barriers and making change possible.

But there is so much more to be done.

Talking can only do so much, and it’s not always possible. Easier said than done – literally.

Mental health problems, and the feelings and emotions that come with them can be so hard to verbalise. Not only that, but even starting a conversation can be hard. Working out what to say, and who to say it to, can both be a challenge.

It’s all very well telling us to talk more; but how about a little more advice on how to listen, too?

I wrote this poem quickly; it’s not a masterpiece, and it’s not complicated, but it says exactly what I want it to, and hopefully, it’s imagery and simplistic rhyming will make it easily heard by everyone.


When The Words Won’t Come

What can you do
when the words won’t come?
When feelings don’t translate
and your heart feels numb?
What can you say
when your mouth can’t move?
When the eye rolls start
like you’ve something to prove?
What can you fix
when the tools aren’t there?
When you try so hard,
but you just can’t care?
What can you be
when you’re stuck as you are?
When you can’t see past
your mountains? Your scars?
How can you talk
when the language is new?
What can you say?
What can you do?


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