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Understandably, things have been rather quiet on the blog this month! I won’t even bother trying to explain why, because…you know.

But I have finally written a short poem. It’s pretty simple, and not at all cryptic.

Any other weekend, I’d be out and about. But not this weekend. Not this week. Not this month. And not for the foreseeable.

It’s another beautiful-looking day out there, and I know most of you, like me, will be admiring it from the safety of indoors. The sun may be shining, but staying inside is so much more important right now. Our freedom, and our time in the sun’s warmth, will come again.

But for now, let’s stay away, and stay safe, and say well.

Sending love to you at this time x



The sun is golden,
streaming in
and I miss its warmth
upon my skin.
There will be other
gorgeous days,
so stay inside
and stay away.


By Jo Fisher



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