I started blogging because I enjoy sharing my thoughts, feelings, and ideas with anyone who wants to read them! It’s important to me, then, that I will always be completely honest with my readers and followers.

I’ve never been paid money for any of my posts on social media or on my blog; this is my hobby and not a source of income. However, sometimes I do get gifted tickets or experiences in return for a piece of writing or a tweet/Instagram post. I know; I’m a lucky girl.

Therefore, there are some ways I’ll be making it clear that things have been given to me for free, often in return for some (unbiased) writing.

Gifted items and experiences

For example, I write a lot of theatre reviews. These are always honest and completely my own view (if a show sucks, you’ll know about it!) but I do mostly get these tickets for free.

Because these tickets have been gifted, I’ll be marking them as such, with a clear statement at the bottom of the review to say who gifted them to me, and a statement to say that I had been invited to review the show at the start of the piece.

These same experiences will be marked on my social media posts (e.g. on Twitter and Instagram Stories) with ‘gifted’ so that my followers are also aware it was an invitation. However, again, anything on social media is always my own view, too.

Anything that’s not indicated as a gift means that I’ve paid for it myself.

I’m also sometimes commissioned to write theatre reviews for Broadway World UK – I share these on my blog, but these are written for BWWUK and the tickets are gifted to BWWUK, and are not part of my blog. This is just a way of me sharing my writing to another audience.

Honesty is the best policy

I’ve mentioned this a lot already, but I want to make it very clear. Whether or not something is gifted, my reviews, opinions, and thoughts will always be my own, honest, and unbiased.

And above all; thank you for reading my work.

[updated: April 2019]

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