Sometimes I get offered tickets or experiences in return for a blog post, review or a social media post.

I started blogging because I enjoy sharing my thoughts, feelings, and ideas with anyone who wants to read them! It’s therefore important to emphasise that I will always be completely honest with my readers and followers when writing about these opportunities.

Here are the ways I make it clear when things have been given to me in return for content on my blog.

  • More recent posts will have ‘AD’ in the title, or a box at the top stating ‘AD’ and then the nature of the agreement. They will also have ‘AD’ in the extract on the home page.
  • Older posts, like theatre reviews, will have the disclaimer in text at the top, or at the bottom. (Please note: I have written a lot of theatre reviews. These can date back some years, and so the disclaimers will vary in location, but will always be visible on the page.)

Anything that’s not indicated as an AD (or in older posts, a ‘gift’) means that I’ve paid for it myself.

In the past, I have also also sometimes been commissioned to write theatre reviews for Broadway World UK – I share these on my blog, but these are written for BWWUK and the tickets are gifted to BWWUK, and are not part of my blog. This was just a way of me sharing my writing to another audience.

Honesty is the best policy

Whether or not something is offered as a PR or Press opportunity, my reviews, opinions, and thoughts will always be my own, honest, and unbiased.

And above all; thank you for reading my work.

[updated: September 2021]