Theatre Review | A Monster Calls – Chichester Festival Theatre

[Press tickets provided in exchange for a review]

Last weekend I made my first trip to Chichester Festival Theatre; a venue I’ve wanted to visit for a while!

My excuse, finally, was to review A Monster Calls for Broadway World UK, which I had heard good things about and had volunteered to watch.

I went in not knowing what to expect (I hadn’t watched the film, nor read the book).

I left in absolute bits.

This was one of the most brilliant shows I’ve seen in a very long time – which made it both a joy and a challenge to review. Anyway, here’s a quote to give you a taste of what I thought:

“This production of A Monster Calls is more than just a story of one boy and his sick mother. It’s an exploration into what it means to be human, and a journey of discovery and acceptance. The special thing about this production, though, is that the acceptance is that of life’s imperfections, complexities and contradictions.

A Monster Calls is a story that twists and turns right from its roots, from which grows some meaningful life lessons. The many tales told by the Monster that branch off into seemingly different directions, and the core plot, all join together within the final few minutes, peaking in a eureka moment that is not so much a quiet revelation as a powerful punch in the stomach.”

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Ammar Duffus (Conor) and the ensemble of A Monster Calls UK Tour. Photo credit Manuel Harlan.


Photo Credit: Manuel Harlan

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