Theatre Review | The Audience – Nuffield Southampton Theatres

I adore The Crown and am impatiently waiting for its return to my screen. It’s been away for a frustratingly long time!

So you can imagine my joy when the writer of the series created a new show for my local theatre, Nuffield Southampton Theatres. Peter Morgan, along with director Samuel Hodges, have brought the Queen’s most intimate conversations to life in The Audience.

This is a wonderfully intimate show that takes us through eight of the thirteen prime ministers who have held office during the Queen’s reign. At a time when we are waiting to see who will be the next head of our government, this production seems particularly well timed.

I’ve reviewed the show in full for Broadway World UK (as always). Here’s a snippet:

“We are invited into the Queen’s world, privy to the private and often personal conversations she has had with some of the most infamous names and faces in politics. Churchill, Eden, Wilson, Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, and Cameron are all present and correct (not to mention a fleeting appearance from Mrs May herself).

“The decades covered offer us the opportunity to observe the Queen as she grows from fledgling monarch to revered ruler. We see her at her very first meeting as Queen with Winston Churchill, nervous and unsure, and at her last audience with Cameron, wise and somewhat weary.”

Read the full review

The Audience by Peter Morgan at NST City campus

Photo credit: The Other Richard

The Audience is on at NST City until 22 June



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