Theatre Review | Fup: A Modern Fable – Nuffield Southampton Theatres

This week I found myself whisked away to the magical world of…Cornwall.

The latest show at Nuffield Southampton Theatres is a whimsical and witty modern fable about a centenarian, a large man called Tiny, and a drunken and overweight duck called Fup.

I’ll be honest, I had no idea what to expect when I sat down in the theatre, but I found myself partying, laughing and even shedding a few more tears than planned at a surprisingly emotional ending.

Kneehigh‘s Fup is a lovely little production for all ages (well, 10+ technically!) and transforms darkest Cornwall into a magical world.

As usual, I reviewed the production for Broadway World UK; here’s a snippet!

“Grandaddy Jake (Dave Mynne) isn’t your conventional pensioner. He has a taste for causing chaos, but when his grandson Tiny (Calvin A. Dean) has his little life turned upside down, he is thrust into the role of doting grandparent. He doesn’t wave his unusual outlook on life goodbye completely, and we watch Tiny grow up in a quirky environment, alongside an adorable rescued duck, Fup.”

Read my full review of Fup


Fup at NST. Photo Credit: Steve Tanner

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