Poem | The Great Divide

The dilemma of choosing to give up the freedom of single life for love preys on my mind.

Losing complete independence and the ability to selfishly pursue your passions, for the sake of something that could hurt you so terribly? Why would you do that?

Except, I am an eternal romantic – and even though the risks are high, and there is a lot to lose, there would also be a lot to gain, and so I keep pursuing the idea of lifelong romance.

I’ve tried to put my feelings about my persisting quest for love versus my love of solitude into words, The Great Divide is my second original poem published on Dear Damsels for their July theme of ‘Persist’.

I would love you to read my piece; and if you have any thoughts or feelings to add, please let me know. I would love to hear what you think of this poem.

Read The Great Divide


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