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Wedding season is upon me.

No, not the late summer, but the mid-twenties.

I am at the stage of my life where a wedding is always around the corner. It’s a wonderful, and happy, and exciting (and a little busy and expensive) time of life. Everyone, it seems, is suddenly getting married. Pretty little Save The Dates line my fridge door, and special days are filling up my diary.

One thing is for certain at each wedding I attend; every ceremony comes with its own reading. This is usually a poem of some kind, which has been specially chosen by the Happy Couple. Something heartfelt, and loving, and often personal.

Except it can sometimes be incredibly hard to find something truly unique; that isn’t over-sweet, or cheesy, or soppy, or a complete cliché.

Back in June, Stylist Magazine ran a competition to find the ‘next big thing’ in wedding poetry. They wanted something truly special, quirky, and honest.

I quickly whipped something up on a whim, and after some editing (thanks to a particularly tricky first stanza) sent it in, and crossed my fingers.

I didn’t even think it would catch the judges’ eyes.

But as it turns out, last week I found out I was rather mistaken.

I only went and won!!

Apparently, my poem is ‘fittingly unique and gorgeously unusual, and worthy of being read out at any wedding.’ They’ve even announced our work (mine, and the runners-up) as ‘the UK’s most unique and unusual wedding poetry’.


I couldn’t be more delighted, surprised, or over the moon.

You can read my winning poem, Ours, on Stylist’s website.

I would love it if you read it, and I hope you like it as much as Stylist did.

Congratulations to anyone getting married this year – including my own wonderful sister (don’t worry, this won’t be the one I read at yours!)

Read Ours on Stylist.co.uk


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