The Instapoet

I truly believe there is a poem out there for everyone, whether you claim to love and understand it, or not. Anything can become poetry; you can find it between the lines of a novel, on the morning bus, while trundling down a supermarket aisle, or watching TV.

The beauty of words is that they can be moulded into whatever you want them to be, by both brain and dodgy biro. It’s up to you what you gain from each word, or what you give. Half the time they just want you to play with them.

If you want to find out about some of my favourite poems and poets, you can read about them on my post for National Poetry Day 2017.

Today is World Poetry Day. I wrote this little piece on my lunch break at work and thought I’d share it with you!

I decided to call this poem ‘The Instapoet’. Make of that what you will.

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The Instapoet

Poetry is personal
and doesn’t always rhyme.
Sometimes you just need to start
an entirely new line.
In fact, anything’s poetic
if you hit Enter


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