New Forest Tree Redwood

Poem | Apology

This poem was written for World Mental Health Day 2017


I’m sorry for what it was I said,
And how it made you feel.
I’m sorry I put thoughts in your head,
And made it a big deal.

I’m sorry that I stole your time,
And wasted many hours.
I’m sorry that I say I’m fine,
Then turn sunshine into showers.

I’m sorry that I bother you,
When you’re busy with your life,
And I’m sorry that I worry, too,
With such internal strife.

I’m sorry that I’m rather rude,
when we’re having a nice day.
I’m sorry that I cause a feud,
When everything’s ok.

I’m sorry for the words I used,
to describe just how I felt.
I’m sorry I got so confused,
And for the thoughts on which I dwelt.

I’m sorry that I feel so much,
And love with such intent.
I’m sorry I got out of touch,
And for the fights that left us spent.

I’m sorry I apologise,
I know it’s getting bad.
I’m sorry that I dramatise,
And for driving you quite mad.

I’m sorry, it’s just how I’m made,
I can’t help it. It’s my mind.
I’m sorry I pushed you away,
You were only being kind.


Some helpful Mental Health links:


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