Reading my poetry on the radio

If you follow me on social media, you might have seen that I was on the radio last week!

I was a guest on BBC Solent’s The Early Late Show with the lovely Steph Newenhouse on Friday night (30th November), talking about slam poetry and performing one of my own pieces.

Jo fisher at a radio desk with the presenter, wearing headphones and at the microphone

Jo Fisher taking a selfie at the radio microphone, smiling and wearing a stripy top

It was a surreal but brilliant evening and I loved chatting to Steph about the creative poetry scene in Southampton.

If you missed it, you can still hear me chatting about the Hammer & Tongue Solent Regional Slam Finals (which take place on Wednesday 12th at the Art House in Southampton by the way!) and reading my prize-winning poem, Ours.

The whole show is available here (I’m on about 40 minutes in!) or you can listen to just me reading out my poem here.

As nervous as I was – and as much as I felt like a bit of a fraud (yay impostorism!) – I loved being on the show and hope it’s not my last time on the radio!

If you were kind enough to listen or send me words of encouragement and feedback, thank you so much. It means the world that you would tune in to hear little old me.

Thanks also to Steph and her team for having me on the show – I hope you’ll have me back sometime!


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