Silhouette of a woman in a castle-style room

Press Event | Exploring God’s House Tower, Southampton

Since moving to Southampton a decade ago, the city has continually impressed me and seems to have come on leaps and bounds in terms of its cultural offerings. Now, another jewel has been added to our city's treasures.

Looking up into an autumnal canopy of trees

Monthly Muses | September & October 2019

No, you’re not mistaken; I have actually published a blog post - for the first time in a while! It’s been two months since I did my last Monthly Muses post. I’ll give you the usual excuse; life has been busy. No, I mean it. It's been really, really busy.

A cactus-patterned cushin and stone-coloured blanket draped on a deep-green, comfy looking sofa

In Defence of the Comfort Zone

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Laura, who has been forced way out of her comfort zone but who should know that being comfortable is not weak; in fact, embracing what you really need right now is strong and extraordinary and something to be proud of.