Gifted | Pretty in Print: Cyanotype workshops

I miss stepping away from the screen, getting my hands messy, and thinking about what things look like, rather than sound like. So when local artist Bex Willis invited me along to experiment with a completely new (to me!) style of art at one of her Cyanotype Workshops, I couldn't RSVP quick enough!

A steam train, with the crew leaning out, in black and white

Gifted | Travelling back in time on the Watercress Line: War on the Line 2019

There are so many days out and places to visit in Hampshire that, even after living here for almost a decade, I’ve yet to explore. The Watercress Line is one of these. So when the team there got in touch with me to see if I wanted to go along to 'War on the Line' to see what it was all about, I jumped at the chance.

Monthly Muses | February 2019

After a long old January, February was short and, admittedly, sweet. I was back in the theatre a few times, read a few books and went on a mini adventure in London. I found a few new favourites along the way, so as usual, here's a list to share and hopefully inspire.