A black and white photo of two seagulls perched on a post, with a seascape behind them. you can see the cranes in the port, and a boart.

A little life update

Three months.

I think this is the longest I’ve gone without posting on this here blog since I started it in 2017. There’s an apology on the tip of my tongue, but I’m not going to let it out. Life gets busy, and when things ramp up a notch something has to give. It happens to us all.

I’m not sure whether a little life update on here is self-indulgent or sensible – it’s certainly not my usual subject matter! – but I feel like it might be the best way to break the ice and warm up my blogging muscles again. It’s also a nice way for anyone feeling particularly nosey to find out what I’ve been up to (to a point!). I don’t like the idea of people visiting this website and assuming I’ve not posted out of apathy, or laziness, or something like that.

Three months since my last piece (about entering a world of fewer restrictions!) and things really have opened up again. We’ve had ‘Freedom Day’ (if you want to call it that. The name makes me feel somewhat bilious.). We’ve had heatwaves. The Euros have come and gone.

In this time, I’ve also had plenty going on personally. I’ve visited my family for the first time since Autumn 2020. My partner and I moved house (as I type, my life is still in boxes). I went to see my newly installed neon artwork at God’s House Tower. I took on more freelance commissions and ventured back to the theatre after too long away.

While it’s been quiet on here, I’ve been rather productive, and my writing and creativity has been channelled elsewhere. If you’re local, you might have seen Southampton City Council’s latest campaign, Look Inside, which features my first paid poetry commission (of which I am incredibly proud!). I’ve been working with a social media company on some content creation throughout 2021. I’ve also been involved in some pretty exciting voiceover work, and I’m on the cusp of another thrilling opportunity. Then, of course, there’s my full-time day job.

It’s no wonder I haven’t had much time to sit down and blog or share some poetry!

It’s been a while since I wrote my last personal poem or essay just for the hell of it. While I love that paid opportunities are coming my way (I’m absolutely not complaining!), I still want to make sure I still prioritise creating simply for the fun of it, too.

I’ve missed it! I’ve missed writing stuff and throwing it up on Instagram (even if the likes are low). I’ve missed losing myself in brushstrokes on Sunday afternoons. I’ve missed penning some banal musings to publish on these pages.

It will settle. I will feel at home in this new place we’ve moved into, routines will realign, deadlines will be met, and perhaps a little less scrolling will make way for a little more writing, reading and creating when I’m not busy working.

Balance, I think some people call it!

I’ve got so much I want to say to you all; not least because I’ve enjoyed various films and books and shows that I want to share with you!

But I guess this little blog post is enough for now; a small hello in the middle of it all.

I am still here. I haven’t forgotten, and I haven’t given up. I know you’re not waiting for my next piece with bated breath…but I certainly am.

I’ll be back to share some more thoughts with you soon.


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