Vote | God’s House Tower’s new neon artwork!

I’m VERY excited to share that I’m in the final two in a local neon artwork commission!

Southampton’s God’s House Tower – one of my favourite places in the city – is looking for a new piece of neon art to decorate their cafe space. They turned to the public to send in their designs, and picked two final submissions to go to public vote.

My piece – This greatest sum of many parts – is one of the two designs!

It’s now down to the public to choose their favourite; the winner will see their work up in lights!

My design is a line from my recent poem about Southampton: it emphasises how the city is made up of so many different communities and cultures, all of which make it stronger and more vibrant. Southampton’s people have always been at the heart of the city.

The lettering is in my own handwriting, and the colour red has been chosen as it features heavily on the city’s coat of arms and on our team’s football kit!

Voting is now closed.

Update (10/4/21)

Voting has now closed, and I am so excited to reveal that my design won!

If you voted for my artwork, a huge thank you for making this incredible opportunity a reality for me. I can’t wait to see my work on the walls of GHT!


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