My goals and intentions for 2019

Better late than never, eh?

I’ve given myself a little extra time to think about my goals for 2019. Looking back at last year’s, I am surprised and delighted to see that I actually sometimes achieved what I set out to; more poetry (including performing some), get published (somewhere), read 25 books (but no classics, sadly)…

Sure, I didn’t write a poem a day, or keep up my yoga habit, or drink more water (I think I will remain perpetually dehydrated) but meeting some goals is better than meeting  none, and the ones I met are the ones that matter most to me, if we’re talking about careers and such.

This year, I primarily want to keep up the good work (as some of my teachers said on my reports, years ago).

I have started 2019 worrying that I have already ‘peaked’; with so much good news in quick succession, it feels like it might be impossible to keep it up; it feels like luck was on my side, and luck doesn’t last forever.

But the least I can do is prove myself wrong and just keep trying hard at whatever I put my mind to.

I want to make big goals and little ones. I want to keep pushing myself and to let myself rest. I want to keep working, and making past me proud. I want to just keep trying.

I plan on making these goals, then, perfectly achievable without being too easy; a challenge, but achievable in small doses, just to keep my fear of failure at bay.

This post is, admittedly, self-indulgent, and is more for me than you. But if you fancy getting some ideas for your own goals, or you feel like being nosey, or even want to hold me accountable, then feel free to read on.

Here’s to the year ahead!


My goals for 2019

Be more present

I’m not very good at this, so this year I want to appreciate the world around me a bit more. This doesn’t just mean ignoring my phone and going offline completely (though, yes, that’s something I’m desperately in need of), but just being more aware of what’s going on.

I want to do one thing at a time, go for a walk without headphones, look out of the window on train and bus journeys, and really focus on conversations and films and music.

I find it really hard – I think my brain is a little overactive, and often distracted – but I hope I can achieve this a few times throughout 2019.

Cut myself some slack

I’m quite hard on myself.

In fact, I always joke that my headstone would read:

Here lies Jo Fisher
Could do better

When it comes to work, this doesn’t change, and has been the same since my school days. I don’t feel like I ever do enough (both with my own writing and in the office), and I never have enough ideas; even when I do get them down on the page, they’re not quite right.

So, this year, instead of berating myself for not writing enough one weekend, for example, I’ll appreciate the few words I did put down; I’ll acknowledge that everyone needs some downtime, sometimes; and that not everyone is as busy as they appear to be (*cough* #latergram *cough*).

Be kind to yourself, Jo; you’re only human.

Keep writing, publishing, performing

This one’s the biggest, and one of the most obvious, goals I’m going to make. Last year I exceeded my own expectations by miles, and I am hoping that I might be able to get lucky again, with a little lot of hard work.

It does what it says on the tin, really. Just keep doing what I’m doing, flexing my wordy muscles and hoping I might strike gold a few times; network, say yes to opportunities and open up my mind to ideas even if they don’t seem quite right yet.

I cannot wait to perform at the Hammer & Tongue National Poetry Slam Finals (in June, it turns out!) – so even that will be the perfect highlight, regardless of what else I achieve.

Be unproductive

This links well with my ‘be more present’ goal, but it’s a little more specific.

I read/heard somewhere once that you need to get bored in order for your brain to work properly and come up with its best ideas. This is something I cannot do easily. I have tried to meditate, but I just get fidgety. I can’t go for a walk without earphones. I rarely just sit.

So here’s permission to be a little idle this coming year; find time once a week (or so!) to just sit and let my mind wander. Who knows what will happen?!

(…Aside from falling asleep, of course).

Read 26 books (or more)

Last year I ended the year having read 26 books; one more than my Goodreads goal. This year, I’ve kept that number for my new challenge! We all know I hate to fail, and I have proof that I can read 26 in 12 months, so any more than that will be a nice surprise.


I’m rubbish with exercise. Last year I promised to do more yoga, and managed that until life became too intense in late summer. I gave up my gym membership when I rented my own place (living is expensive, y’all). I ended the year as sedentary as I started.

So I will aim for this: no major lifestyle overhaul; no big fitness challenges; no promises to drop a dress size and hit the gym three times a week. Just move.

Stretch more. Do YouTube yoga at home. Try and run again in spring. Keep on walking everywhere. I just want to make sure I use my body.


No, I don’t mean buy shares or go into property. Last year was good, but not that good!

My final goal for the year is to invest in more. Invest in better quality clothing that will last longer; invest in my home by buying furniture and accessories I can take to my next place whenever I do move out; invest in my writing by actually paying for more courses and going to workshops (nothing comes for free); invest in myself and go for the healthy option sometimes; invest in my time and stop wasting hours  minutes on Instagram.

Hopefully, my investments will pay off, in the long-term.

What are your goals for 2019?


5 thoughts on “My goals and intentions for 2019

  1. CHB says:

    This is a great list! I know you will achieve them all and more. Moving more is spectacular because theres no pressure. You will do it for sure. Everyday will be a success. ( What a self esteem boost! ) 🙂 Also, I chuckled at the tombstone because I would have a very similar one. lol. But life is good and I too need to stop being so hard on myself. It’s nice to see other people are the same way 🙂 Let’s all stop it together. Thank you for sharing.


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