Monthly Muses | May 2018

My my, May, you were a manic month indeed! With moving house and a LOT of theatre events, I barely had time to breathe! It’s a wonder I managed to read or write anything, and yet there are still plenty of things to share in my latest Monthly Muses installment.

May was also my best month on my blog ever, thanks to one of my favourite pieces that I’ve ever written, There are no A*s in Adultinghuge thank you to everyone who read, responded to and shared this post. Your reaction means the world.



Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

I picked this book up as a result of seeing it on my social media feeds – which is how I tend to hear about must-reads nowadays. I swear, it wasn’t just because of its beautiful cover (and the fact that it was a bargain in Sainsbury’s – their books are so affordable!).

I really enjoyed it; it gripped me and I was sucked in almost instantly, which is hard when I’m naturally so easily distracted. I devoured it in my parents’ garden and finished it in bed over granola and tea, and fell in love with the characters and Celeste’s way of painting scenes.

I’ve got a lot of books to review on here but I promise to fully review this too; I would recommend this as a holiday read if you’re going away this summer!

What to do when nobody notices you: the power of the 300 rule

This is a little article I read and shared because it made some great points about getting noticed for your creative work.

What happens when you create something you’re really proud of, but it barely gets any recognition on sharing platforms like Twitter and Instagram? Does it mean your work is crap? Should you just give up?

Alex Mathers argues in order to prove to people that you believe in your own work, you have to churn out content regardless of who notices and appreciates it. Sometimes quantity is more important than quality. It’s worth a read if you’re feeling a little disheartened by lack of online appreciation.

Why YOU should try gardening

Emma Jo Real Davies’s latest blog post is wonderfully refreshing. Did you know she loves gardening? Her Instagram stories are always full of green shoots, garden centres, and greenhouses. In this piece, she makes a case for gardening at a young age and proves it’s not just something your parents should love. It’s refreshing and a really lovely read.



Education, Education, Education at NST Campus

The Edinburgh Fringe came to Southampton last month in the form of the award-winning Education Education Education – an incredibly funny and emotional trip back to the schooldays 1997, complete with Tamagotchis, muck-up days and Katrina and the Waves. Read my review to find out more about what I thought.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream at NST Campus

I was absolutely blown away by Lyric and Filter’s riotous reimagining of the Bard’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream; it was one of my favourite adaptations to date and I would jump at the chance to see it again. Read why.

Macbeth, NT Live at NST City

My second National Theatre Live experience was watching Macbeth, starring Rory Kinnear and Anne-Marie Duff. It was dark, dystopian…and a little difficult to get into, albeit very clever. Read my review here.

War Horse at Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

I had the chance to see the magical War Horse for the second time at the Mayflower Theatre last month and it was just as incredible as I remember it being. The show is currently making its way around the country on its UK tour; find out why you shouldn’t miss it.

Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella at The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

I took my mum to her first ever ballet in May as her Mother’s Day present; it was an adaptation of Cinderella put together by Matthew Bourne. Set in wartime London, it was beautiful, funny, clever and mesmerising. I haven’t reviewed it yet, but I plan to; watch this space.

Jane the Virgin

After finishing my series’ on Netflix I was on the hunt for a new, easy-to-watch show that I could relax in front of. After putting it off – admittedly I thought it might be a bit rubbish – I heeded the call of my friends to get stuck into Jane the Virgin and I. Am. Hooked. I’m quickly making my way through it and am well and truly in love with it. How did I not start sooner?

Grace & Frankie

I finished the latest series of Grace and Frankie and boy, what a poignant and lovely ending. This was a little nugget of surprises, as I initially wasn’t sure I’d like it, but I adore this show now; it gives the older generation a space on our screens and tackles some pretty important issues with comedy and tenderness. If you are looking for a new show and haven’t tried this yet, it’s well worth giving a go (just get through the first few episodes if you’re not convinced).

The Handmaid’s Tale

I’m so glad this is back on my screen! I watched the first episode in real-time – something I rarely do nowadays – and within seconds I was sat, knuckles white and mouth open. WHAT a start. I’m slowly catching up with the latest episodes and can’t wait to see what happens next; though why Channel 4 decided to screen it late on a Sunday night is anyone’s guess – it’s the least relaxing show ever.




Here you have the reason I’ve been writing less and less over the last few weeks. Within one week at the end of April / start of May, I had rented my own flat and moved my life over. It’s been a manic month, but I am finally settling in and enjoying living alone! I can’t wait to share some of my thoughts and experiences with you on here when I have more time. In the meantime, though…do you live alone? What do you think? Or is it not for you?



Adult things

Leading on from the point above, most of my money in the last month has been spent on things like a toolbox (I own a hammer now!) furniture, TVs (and licenses!) and the odd decorative candle. I’ve got a lot of work to do still, but it’s getting there, and I finally feel a bit more like an adult. I think I’m most proud of my new Denby pasta bowls; they are beautiful!

Any tips on budget interior design, especially for rented properties, is much appreciated, so if you have any, please share them with me in the comments!



My yoga journey

My final thing to share this month is the fact that I am working with local Hot Yoga studio, InBalance Hot Yoga, to start my very own yoga journey!

I’m incredibly excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to take you along with me; I’ve already completed three weeks of lessons and can’t wait to share my thoughts with you all in a post that’s coming up next. However, if you want to find out more about what I’m up to – and why I’m doing this – you can read about it in my introductory blog post.

Got any yoga tips?



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