Monthly Muses | June 2018

I swear I write these posts every single week.

We are already in July and it would be hard to believe if it weren’t for the blissful weather and the perpetual smell of BBQs scenting the air as if it’s all we’re eating now for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

How long will it be before we get bored with this heat?

Anyway. I am always dubious of how many people read these posts and who find value in them, but I do enjoy writing them and sharing my favourite things with you all. It’s one of the reasons why I couldn’t stay away from blogging for too long.

It turns out I’ve been watching a lot of stuff this month. It is a good Netflix summer; and having joined the library, I am now reading a little faster too (thank you, due dates!) – but more on that in a minute.

Let’s get started.

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Conversations on Love with Sheila Heti

Conversations on Love is a wonderful newsletter I’m signed up to (I think I’ve probably mentioned it before). At the start of the month, one particular edition stood out to me.  Sheila Heti is a Canadian writer, and this interview with her is full of absolute gems.

From honesty around making the (sometimes difficult) decision to have children, to the relationship we have with writing, and not forgetting the concept of dependency in love, this is a truly wonderful read. Here’s a snippet to get you going:

But I do now think that the more important thing than making the “right” or “best” decision is to closely bind yourself to whatever you’re living. It doesn’t matter if it’s a life with a child or a life without, as long as whichever one you’re living you feel closely bound to. That is what matters. You make your life meaningful by applying meaning to it—it’s not just inevitably meaningful as a result of the choices you’ve made.

Read Conversations on Love with Sheila Heti

Breaking up with your Ideal Self

This was an article I fell in love with on Darling Magazine‘s website. It raises the interesting issue of letting go of your own expectations of yourself and taking steps to accept yourself; something I struggle with and know many others must do, too.

Don’t let your ideal expectations rob you of your present joy—you are far too valuable, too lovely and absolutely irreplaceable for that.

Read the article

The Cows by Dawn O’Porter

I’m going to preface this brief section by saying I will aim to properly review this book soon; so I won’t say much!

This book was the first one I loaned from my local library; I had heard many great things and was keen to read it for myself. I consumed it in a week and would recommend picking it up if you haven’t already! It might be especially ideal if you’re looking for a holiday read.

But other than that, you’ll have to wait for my full review.

Spinster by Kate Bolick

I’m only about halfway through this book, having started it in late June; this is a non-fiction exploration of the idea of singledom as a choice. I am, to be honest, finding it a slight chore to get through at times, but I am enjoying the message overall and am keen to get the most from it.


Avengers: Infinity War

I finally saw the latest Marvel installment last week and, despite thinking it was a little too long, and rather dragged out, I enjoyed it. The only problem was that I had watched far fewer of the films leading up to it than I realised, so I spent the majority of the night wondering who was who and why particular things were happening.

Looks like I have some homework to do!

Street theatre at Eastleigh Unwrapped

You may have read last month’s review of local arts event, Eastleigh Unwrapped. It was a fantastic, sunny day featuring local and international performing troupes. The event filled the town with colour, magic and delight, and I had a fantastic time. It just goes to show that local arts events should always be supported.

Quarter Life Crisis

At the end of the month I went along to NST City’s new Studio to watch Yolanda Mercy’s witty and relatable Quarter Life Crisis. I wrote about it – and had some big news to announce too! – and you can read the review here.

Listening to…

Soul Music

Another favourite podcast to add to my collection. I heard about this BBC Radio 4 podcast on The High Low, and was hooked as soon as I listened to my first episode.

As someone to attaches a lot of emotion to music, hearing other people’s stories featuring songs is fascinating, and the majority of the time I am left reeling and even, sometimes, in tears. Give Soul Music a listen if you haven’t already.


My local library

Other than visiting my university library, it’s been many years since I loaned a book just for fun. Appalling, I know; I’m hanging my head in shame. Joining my local library has been the best move I’ve made in years.


Competing in my first poetry slam

I wrote a while ago about poetry slams; what they are, and why everyone should go to one. Well, in June I went along for a second time with a view to perform and compete, primarily for the practice. I wanted to get used to the audience and gauge the quality of my performance to improve and learn. It was only my second time performing my poetry at all, and…

Well…I only went and bloody won!

I’m going through to the Hammer & Tongue Solent Regional Finals in December; so I’ll be practicing more and more over the next few months and writing more content. I am not anticipating winning this round at all – but I am still a little shocked that people thought I was good enough to put through

No pressure, eh?

Hot Yoga

I mentioned in my last monthly muses post about my yoga journey. I have been continuing my practice this month and it has not been without its challenges, but I am keen to keep going. I’ve written about making time for the yoga mat, and also about what I learned in my first month.



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