Monthly Muses | April 2018

Well, this is a late one; we’re already almost halfway through May.


I know I say this every single time, but April was truly a mad month. I spent most nights staying up late reviewing shows, hunting for flats and trying to keep on top of everything. Then I found a new place to live and, within a week of saying ‘yes’, I was moving my life into a brand new home. It all happened very quickly.

And so, my dear reader, this list may be a little brief; partly because the month was so busy I didn’t have time to do a lot of reading, and partly because, on writing this, I can’t remember what the hell I actually did!

Enjoy my sporadic, hazy list of loves from April; I promise May will be a little meatier – and more on-time!

guilty feminist live 2


Titanic the Musical at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

“How can they make a musical out of such a tragedy?!” one of my friends asked when I told her I was going to see Titanic the Musical in April. In truth, I wasn’t sure how to answer her. The night was, in fact, moving and tasteful and really quite beautiful. You can read my review to find out more!

Poetry slams

This year I’ve been trying to go to more live poetry events, and April saw my first ever poetry slam (in the audience, not participating!). I wrote a quick guide to poetry slams for any readers unsure about what to expect and reviewed my night at Hammer & Tongue Solent. The next local event is in June; I fully intend on going!

Birdsong at NST

Another theatre trip in April, and another tragic tale – this time, of love and loss in the First World War. The performance of Sebastian Faulks’ famous novel left me in tears, and here’s the review to prove it.

The Guilty Feminist Live

Last month I fulfilled one of my ’30 before 30′ goals (still yet to be published/finalised!) and saw a live recording of one of my favourite podcasts, The Guilty Feminist, at Nuffield Southampton Theatres. It was a fantastic evening, and a great insight behind the scenes of a comedy podcast show. I will definitely jump at the chance of going to see it again; there’s nothing quite like live comedy and debate.

Queer Eye

April was the month where I discovered Netflix’s Queer Eye. Twitter had exploded with adoration for this show, and I finally gave in and saw the light myself. Who doesn’t love a makeover show which also just gives you such a glowy feeling of hope and happiness? I am already eagerly awaiting the second season.

Listening to…

Ruth Jones on Dolly Alderton’s Love Stories

Another favourite podcast of mine. This episode was wonderful and I could have listened to it again and again. I adore Ruth Jones, not least for her marvelous Nessa, and it was great hearing more about her life and work – I could listen to her voice for hours. Don’t miss this episode. The last in the season is coming out soon and, honestly, it’s going to leave a void.

Listen to Ruth Jones on Love Stories


Moranthology by Caitlin Moran

My current read. Sadly, it’s taking me a while to get through as I haven’t made enough time to sit and focus. However, the good news is it’s another anthology of Caitlin’s writing, which means it’s easy to dip in and out of. Hopefully, I’ll finish it before the end of this month!

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead

I devoured this book in under a week while at home with my family for Easter. This was an astounding, insightful, heartbreaking book, and definitely lives up to the hype that has surrounded it. I plan to review this fully soon (as with all books I read, if I ever get round to it!) so watch out for that; but if you’re looking for a new book, and haven’t already had the pleasure of reading this, then bump it to the top of your list.


Kate La Vie’s Banana Bread

I collect go-to recipes in the hope that, one day, someone might ask me to make ‘those amazing brownies you always make’ or ‘your famous lemon drizzle’. Alas, this hasn’t happened yet, but I have been waxing lyrical about my latest Banana Bread recipe find.

I used to use a Jamie Oliver one, but after trying blogger Kate La Vie’s recipe, I’m never, ever going back. it’s light, fluffy, sweet and easy. I’m letting my bananas go black in the bowl as I type, ready for another batch.

View the recipe



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