Top ten goals for 2017: part one

This is, I’m sure, one of many 2017 posts you’ve read by now. After all, we’re well over two weeks into the new year, and it’s probably now when most resolutions are abandoned anyway.


Well, I’m posting this anyway.

At the end of 2016, I held a quick poll on Twitter, and it was a close call – but this topic you see here won by a tiny 5%! So here it is, as requested, and only a little late: a post detailing my top ten goals for 2017.

No weight-loss goals, no exercise regimes, and nothing to try to change who I am. Just little habits to start taking on in order to slowly make myself feel better inside and out; mind, body and spirit.

Goal 1: Live life off-screen

One thing I find myself doing a lot lately is wondering what my life would look like on the big screen.

Bear with me on this one…

I’ve watched a lot of films with female characters who I admire for their guts, passions and  drive. They’re interesting, normally quirky, and have hobbies they’re passionate about. But do they spend 80% of their day hunched over their smartphone, scrolling, liking, editing and sharing?

Nobody would watch that.

My life is far from film-worthy, but I like to consider how interesting I would be to myself if I was observing from the outside. The amount of time I spend scrolling through other people’s thoughts and life experiences makes me feel that I’m maybe not doing this life thing properly.

There are so many posts and articles on social media detoxes and the like, but here’s the point: I have recently been considering what an impact this is having on my life and on my mental health. I’m wary of looking back at my life and only remembering what I saw on-screen, and worrying about what my life looked like online, and not what it felt like.

What if I looked back at my time on this planet, and never really did what I had the potential to do…because I was too busy on Twitter?!

This year, I want need to spend less time online, on my phone, looking down. It’s easier said than done; my phone is my main connection to many of my nearest and dearest, and I’ve got a blog to promote (HA!). However, here’s what I’m talking about: Watch a film, eat a meal, go for a walk and read a book…and just do that one thing. Take things slowly, and stop worrying about what everyone else is saying and doing. Make it a healthy habit.

On Monday last week I spent nearly 24 hours off social media; no checking, at all. I confess, this was because I didn’t want to see any spoilers for the second episode of Sherlock, but it was a good way to keep me offline. After a while, I found I wasn’t missing out on anything at all. I proved to myself that I can do it; so here’s to longer periods of time offline this year.

Goal 2: Make ‘NO’ a guilt-free word

Learning to let myself say no – not just to other people, but also to myself – without feeling guilty, will play a big part in letting myself have some downtime this year.

If I want to head home after work and watch a film, rather than go to the gym and write a few blog posts, then that’s ok. I spend so long worrying about being a ‘Yes Woman’, I forget how important it is to sometimes say NO instead.

Goal 3: Keep up the yoga

In 2016 I started going to yoga classes once a week at lunchtime. It’s a great break from the desk, and really gets me stretching – something I never do, which is daft because I spend all of my time hunched over computers at work and at home.

My yoga classes are also a lovely routine and test me mentally more than physically; learning to clear my thoughts, breathe, and focus on the movement of my body is much more challenging than perfecting my Downward Dog.

So, the aim is to keep this up. Simple.

Goal 4: Get hydrated

Practical, but key. I’m probably perpetually dehydrated. Drinking water is just so dull, but I think I’d be shocked at how much more alert and energised I’d feel if I just drank a few more glasses of water a day. For my health, and my productivity, it’s time to get drinking.

Goal 5: Bujo, baby!

At Christmas I was given a square-lined book and a set of fine-liners by my friend Becca, encouraging me to finally start a Bullet Journal! It’s the perfect outlet for getting creative and organised at the same time; building your own pages to suit your needs, and exercising your doodling skills to decorate them! I’d like to write a post detailing my Bujo experiences so far…but, simply, this year I’d like to keep it up. I’m determined for this not to be a phase.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

The next 2017 Goals post is ready and waiting – but in the meantime, if you have any tips for any of the above, please share with me – any help is very much appreciated!


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