Monthly Muses | August 2017

August felt like a never-ending Sunday night; we’ve been in limbo waiting for the next season. It’s been Autumn in everything but name, and I’m not going to lie – I’m ok with that. Bring on sweater weather and new boots and hot chocolate sans guilt, I say.

Sorry to all you summer lovers out there!

I’m not even sure where the last month went (I know, I say this every time I write one of these posts!). I think I spent most of August pining for Edinburgh and wishing I’d gone up to the Fringe again. I also did some pretty fun things too; I got writing and took part in Laura Jane Williams’s Summer School, visited a dear friend, popped to Brighton and got back to the gym. Sort of…

Anyway, what have I been enjoying this month? Let’s see…



The Power by Naomi Alderman

Yes, this was in last month’s Monthly Muses post, but I finished this last week. I felt gripped by this book the whole time I was reading it…that is, until the end. But more on that when I come to review it properly!

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

I’m almost halfway through this book (which was featured in my recent TBR post) and it has me transfixed. It’s an unusual, powerful read and I can’t wait to keep reading. I have a feeling this one will have a place in my heart for a while.




I hadn’t seen many people mention this show when I first started watching, but it turns out there are a few of us who are in love with this series!

This Netflix show follows the life of an american boy with autism, and his family, through love, scandal and the perils of teenage life. It’s funny and informative and sheds a little light onto the world of someone who sees things a little differently.

I didn’t realise I was watching the last episode until it finished, which left me devastated, and I really hope they make season two. Definitely check this out if you’re looking for something new to watch.

Baby Driver

I’m a big fan of Edgar Wright; ask my friends and family and they’ll tell you I will quote Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz at any opportune moment, much to their exasperation (for the record, the latter is my favourite). I love the way he directs his films, and I finally got to see Baby Driver the other weekend with my friend Chris.

It was gripping, visually stunning and shot beautifully. I absolutely love how the whole film is set to the music. For me, the score and soundtrack of any film is so crucial and so I was transfixed with how Edgar had made music such an integral part of Baby Driver.

As with anything I love, I’ve been listening to the soundtrack nonstop since, and I think this will be making its way into my DVD collection.


I was uhm-ing and ah-ing about whether to see this, but after a lot of persuasion I took myself off on a solo cinema date on Bank Holiday Monday. I am so glad I listened to everyone. It was well worth it.

This is another stunning film which kept me at the edge of my seat the whole way through. I’ve got a rather intense relationship with anything to do with WW2, and so I found this very emotional to watch, and really poignant. My heart broke a few times and I found myself crying into my iced latte, but I would watch it again and again. The cast was phenomenal too – and I’ll eat my words, Harry Styles was *whispers* rather good.



Spaghetti with raw tomato, garlic and basil sauce

I found this recipe in a Waitrose magazine and it’s now a favourite of mine. It requires minimal cooking, and it’s pretty ingenious. Who knew you could grate tomatoes? Simple, quick, fresh food as it’s best, and really tasty too; the perfect midweek meal.

We Love falafel, Brighton

When I visited friends in Brighton over the Bank Holiday, they took us all to We Love Falafel for lunch. It was just the best food after a long train journey; hot, tasty, packed full of delicious veggies, homemade falafel and, in my case, halloumi. We devoured our wraps in the hot summer sun outside the Dome, and we all sat happily munching in silence. If you’re looking for a quick lunch in The Lanes, definitely head here.

Egg & Spoon, Brighton

Yes, we spent most of our time in Brighton eating! We enjoyed a delicious Sunday-morning breakfast at Egg & Spoon in Kemptown. I had butternut squash, feta and olives on toast with poached egg (and I added avocado, of course), and it was delicious. It gets very busy very quickly, but if you’re looking for a spot of brunch or something to eat, I highly recommend it here! The coffee’s pretty good too.

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Listening to…

Guy Garvey

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Elbow at the moment, so Guy Garvey’s voice is never too far away from my ears! I am very sad I didn’t get to see them live at Victorious Festival in Portsmouth last weekend. I love his soft but powerful voice and his talent for songwriting. If anyone has any recommendations similar to Guy’s music, I’d love to hear it!

All things 80s

I’ve somehow, weirdly, become slightly fixated with 80s music recently, so I’ve been listening to a lot of it! I think it started after listening to the San Junipero soundtrack, and has just grown into something monstrous. I’m often found walking down to town listening to Ultravox or Joy Division now, though when I confessed this to my Mum she seemed a little amused! This will probably pass, but it’s fun while it lasts!



Lush Sleepy

Yes, I jumped right onto this bandwagon! I find sleep troubling; even if I am sleeping fairly well, I always remain tired, and worry about disrupted nights. I had a sample of Lush’s Sleepy body lotion a while ago and had made a mental note to buy some, but never did…until I was reminded when I spotted a number of articles recently praising it for its relaxing properties.

I invested in a small pot and have been using it most nights; I’m not 100% sure it works, but it smells delicious and leaves my skin soft, so that’s enough for me!



Waddesdon Manor

I went to stay with one of my best friends in Buckinghamshire in August for a bit of a break, and during my visit we went to Waddesdon Manor.

Sometimes there’s nothing I love more than a National Trust outing, and this was perfect; beautiful grounds, an impressive wine cellar, and even a beautiful outdoor aviary housing many endangered birds! If you’re in Bucks and looking for a day out, I highly recommend it.


I went on my second-ever trip to Brighton over Bank Holiday weekend (as I’ve previously mentioned!) and it was lovely to see it in the summer sun! I made the mistake of wearing jeans and not taking shorts, so I ended up melting in the unprecedented heat, but it was worth it.

We spent some time on the beach, watched the swimmers, ate gourmet ice cream, enjoyed Thai food and had an amazing breakfast on Sunday morning. I’ll be back again, Brighton! It was the perfect overnight getaway to clear my head and relax a little.

2017-08-27 15.30.19


Looking forward to…

What am I excited about over the coming month? Well, I am off back to my hometown for a week or so for some R&R with my family, which is much needed after a very busy and challenging few weeks. I do love a staycation!

I’m also off on a little exciting day trip with a company at the end of the month…all will be revealed in due course, of course!

I’m keen to write more and more this month, so keep your eyes peeled.






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