My Edinburgh Fringe Recommendations

One of my favourite things about blogging is the fact that I can share things that excite me and inspire me with anyone who wants to know.

In my last blog post, I shared some advice for getting the most out of your first Edinburgh Fringe experience. I had an amazing time last year, and seeing everything kick off this weekend on Twitter is making me wish I’d returned for 2017!

Although I can’t be there this year, I’d love to share with you my recommendations – a few of my personal Fringe Favourites!

These acts and performers blew me away last year, and I can imagine they will be just as brilliant this time round.

(Obviously I don’t actually know what their shows are like for 2017 but, if last year was anything to go by, they’ll be fantastic.)

Check out what they have to offer, and if you do go and see any of them, please let me know what you thought in the comments below! I need to live vicariously through you.

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Chris Turner

We saw Chris as a guest with the Noise Next Door on our first night in Edinburgh, and we loved him so much we grabbed tickets to his own show – which was the last thing we saw! Chris is fascinatingly funny; he is intelligent, witty, and…he raps. Freestyle, improv rapping. You’d better see it for himself. We loved his show ‘Observational Tragedy’ last year, so no doubt this year’s offering – ‘What a time to be alive’ – will be just as good.

Chris Turner  – ‘What a time to be alive’

Pippa Evans

We were lucky enough to see Pippa twice last year; once in Showstopper! (see below) and once in her own right in her Free Fringe show, ‘Same Same but Different’. Pippa was an absolute joy to watch and I’d go and see her again in a heartbeat. You might recognise her from a recent Guilty Feminist episode, too.

Pippa Evans – ‘Joy provision’


This is improvised Shakespeare. Yes, I kid you not. Adam and Sean create a brand new Shakespearean masterpiece using audience suggestions combined with the Bard’s favourite tropes. It’s brilliant fun for all ages, and is incredibly clever. Don’t miss it.


Juliette Burton

I discovered Juliette on Twitter and she was probably one of the first shows we booked tickets for. Her 2016 show was funny but hugely emotional; she tackled mental health issues with such skill that we were laughing one minute and wiping away tears the next. Juliette uses comedy to address the biggest issues in the world, and no doubt this year will be no exception.

Juliette Burton – ‘Butterfly Effect’

Stiff & Kitsch

‘Adele is younger than us’ was Sally and Rheannon’s debut show at the Fringe and I would never have guessed it. They focused on the issues we all face in our twenties and thirties in a parody cabaret performance, lamenting about unsuccessful seduction and trying to find their way in life. They took on the amazing Adele and won, in my opinion. This year, they’re back, and their show is sure to be brilliant, too. I wish I’d seen them twice! I honestly didn’t stop laughing from start to finish.

Stiff & Kitsch – ‘By all accounts two normal girls’

Showstopper! The Improvised Musical

Are you noticing a theme yet? Improv comedy and music! It looks like that’s what really won my heart at the Fringe last year.

If you can get tickets to Showstopper! then GO GO GO! It’s a show like you’ve never seen before. This is an entirely one-off musical experience where the audience decides which broadway hit they want to create next. Using our favourite shows as inspiration, the Showstopper team improvise their way through whatever situation you put them in.

Last year, I witnessed a post-Brexit, post-Trump apocalyptic London, which ended with Dr Who, and had music inspired by Tim Minchin. I’ll never witness anything like that again.

This is a must-see.

Showstopper! the Improvised Musical

Chloe Green

Chloe is an old chum from my student days, and has made a successful dive headfirst into the world of stand-up. Lats year I saw her perform in the Titter Truck and her show was exactly what I expected from her; political, feminist and fab. Chloe is performing again at the Fringe as one fifth of the Lol Word. I haven’t seen this show but from what I know about Chloe, it’ll be worth checking out!

The LOL Word

And finally, a wee shout out to the terrific Katie Brennan who I saw performing in ‘Katie Brennan’s Quarter Life Crisis’ in 2016. She’s not performing this year (your loss, guys, she was ace!) but she was definitely one of our favourites. You don’t have to miss out completely though – check out her blog!


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