Shelves of lots of old books

Poem | Quiet, please

Happy Libraries Week!

I grew up raiding my local library on an almost weekly basis, leaving with armfuls of books and racing through them excitedly so I could grab some more.

Last week, I returned to my local library after a pandemic-induced hiatus, and it felt so good to be back with some new reading material to devour!

It’s no secret that out libraries here in the UK are rather at risk – but they offer so much to our communities, and not just in terms of books to read! They’re spaces to gather and learn, places people can access the internet and vital services, and gateways to opportunity.

Naturally, to mark Libraries Week 2021, I penned a poem, celebrating these special places.

Happy reading!

Quiet, please

Come inside this world of bookshhhhh
New things to read in all its nookshhhhh
More stories than you’d ever wishhhhh 
Find yourself in bookish blisshhhhhh
Everyone has human rightshhhhh
To settle down on coldest nightshhhhh
And read to their own heart’s desireshhhhh
Be it what their school requireshhhhh
Or simply just to lose themselveshhhhh
In what lies among this building’s shelveshhhhh
All this for free? What tricks, what trapshhhhh?
There are none, you see, but perhapshhhhh
We should make the most of opportunitieshhhhh
To use, and save, our librarieshhhhh

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