A black and white photo of London's south bank, with part of the river and a couple of industrial looking docks

Poem | Sestet in the City

Happy National Poetry Day 2021! 

This year’s theme is ‘choice’ – and I’m afraid I’ve made a bad one, because while I’ve written a poem to mark this occasion (yay!) it is not on-theme (boo!).

Nevertheless, I’m sure the organisers won’t mind. After all, what is poetry if not about breaking and bending rules to suit our craft?

I’ve often thought of poetry as being something entwined in our lives and how we live them. The choices we make, the people we meet, and the poetry of place, for example. There are stories within stories, imagery aplenty and spaces and relationships brimming with emotion, sentiment and often, comedy.

We are surrounded by poetry in our everyday lives; living in a small UK city, I find there’s always poetry round the corner.

I choose poetry, because it’s everywhere.

With this in mind, here’s my latest poem; an ode, of sorts, to how poetry can be found in our lives every single day.

How many poetic words can you find?

Sestet in the city

She sat in the sun with her caesura salad
and took the last couplet of bites before 
strolling along the enjambement;
one foot in front of the other by the river,
dodging the alliteration and anapests
until she’d walked thousands of meters
and her elegies started to ache,
as if she’d been haikuing up a mountain.
She wasn’t averse to walking a fair dissonance
for the most epic of views - the ones good enough
to knock her off ballads.
Oh, the sonnet was glinting off soaring windows and
bouncing off lakes in the parks in between.
She couldn’t refrain from breathing in the beauty
of the urban: how it slammed into her,
its cacophony, like music.
She ode it to herself to stay a little longer 
before boarding the quatrain home
from this place of concrete poetry.

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