Poem | The Lentil Soup My Mum Makes

You know I love food.

Eating and cooking evokes such strong emotions and, often, memories. Some dishes have a special place in your heart.

The taste of a certain type of cake with sprinkles and icing takes me right back to playgroup, before I’d even started school. I can’t eat funghi pizza without being transported back to Lake Garda in 2002. 

And whenever I make my mum’s lentil soup recipe, I’m back home with my family, at the wooden kitchen table.

I wrote about the latter in poetry form, and the lovely people at Mishmash – a food blog set on sharing stories and recipes with ravenous readers – kindly published it!

Visit the Mishmash website via the link below to read the full poem.

Thank you Mishmash for giving my words a home!

What foods evoke memories for you?

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