Poem | Thinking

For months, we’ve been steering clear of our loved ones; staying away for the sake of our health. No hugs, no holding hands, no sharing drinks, no “would you like to try some of this?”

This poem is for anyone who misses being close to someone, too. That time will come, but for now, let’s think of drinking tea with them.


I think of drinking tea with you; of 
toes touching under blankets; of
sharing cake from points of forks; of
walking arm in arm; of hugs; of
breathing the smell of home on you; of
itching backs and stroking cheeks, of
chatting loudly over brunch; of
coming back and being close; of
laughing hard and loud and fast; of
unthinking and untroubled; of
no second thoughts; of shared moments; of
filling diaries and making plans; of
all together, not far apart; of 
better times; of dinnertimes; of
times we took for granted; of
the times to come; of battles won; of
drinking tea with you.

by Jo Fisher


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