I’ve been published in a pandemic poetry anthology!

Yes, that’s right!

I’ve written a poem that’s been included in Locked Write Down: a home-grown anthology of 22 poems written by volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

My piece, titled All the things I’ve cried about in lockdown, is pretty self-explanatory – a window into the rollercoaster of emotions I’ve been feeling during the last few months, and perhaps a comfort to anyone else who has been feeling a little more teary than usual recently! Hopefully, it’s a poem that many can relate to.

The project was organised by Art Director and Graphic Designer Robyn Hislop, and all proceeds are being split between Black Minds Matter and NHS Charities Together.

Originally, there was limited availability of only 50 copies – and amazingly, they all sold out!

Fear not: there’s still a way you can get your hands on one (or two).

Pre-order your copy before Friday 24 July to ensure you don’t miss out on the final print run.

It’s a great creative record of this very strange time, and perhaps something to find comfort in while we’re all still adjusting to our new way of life.

Thanks to Robyn for giving some space to my writing, and to everyone who has ordered a copy.

If you want to find out more, Southampton-based online magazine In Common have shared an article with some extra details.



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