Having ambition, but not an ambition

My supremely talented friend Bronwen has been cooking up something exciting behind the scenes for a good few months…and now it’s ready to share!


Artemis: a platform designed to amplify the voices of amazing women around the world.

I mentioned Artemis in my January Monthly Muses post but wanted to dedicate a little more space to it.

The idea is simple: essays written on topics from A-Z by women with something to say. Each writer will then nominate another woman for their chance to speak up, share stories or question convention.

So, naturally, we started with A – A for Ambition.

I had the absolute privilege of being asked to contribute to the very first theme with my thoughts on the above along with other wonderful women (including my other good friend and talented lady, Ellie Sellwood).

Here’s what I came up with:

‘The Drive, But No Destination’

“The thing is, I know I want to make something of myself and work hard doing so; but as what, I don’t know. I have ambition, but that ambition is not defined.

“Ambition is a journey without an end, and it is a destination without a planned route. Having ambition is not the same as having an ambition, and it is perfectly ok to feel the drive without a destination.”

Read more of my essay and discover Artemis


Illustration by Bronwen Rees


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