Monthly Muses | April 2017

This month was not my best creatively, I suppose. I hit a wall. Combine that with multiple weekends to-ing and fro-ing from my hometown for various family events, a long Easter break and an emergency doctor’s appointment, and you’ve got a very empty blog.

I’m resisting the natural urge to apologise, and sticking to the story that it’s just how things go sometimes. Needless to say, I’ll make sure I have more to say in May!

Despite my blogging idea pool suffering from a spring-time drought, I’ve still been consuming, thinking and enjoying plenty of things throughout April.

So, here’s what’s been inspiring me in the last month!

Listening to…

Elbow, Little Fictions

The latest album from Elbow has been playing almost on loop since I discovered that it had been released. I can’t resist Guy Garvey’s voice – it has the same effect on me as waves against a pebbly shore, or the rhythm of a train journey. The lyrics are as beautiful as ever. Montparnasse is one of my favourite tracks. Their new album is as good as their previous offerings and I don’t doubt that I’ll still be playing it throughout the summer too.

Desert Island Disks

Yes, another podcast. Last month I was raving about my new-found love of them, and I’m still waxing lyrical. I’ve still got a whole blog post lined up about them all, but Desert Island Disks is my new go-to soundtrack for my daily tasks. I particularly loved listening to Miranda Hart, Caitlin Moran, Guy Garvey (again) and Bradley Wiggins. It’s an insight into the lives, loves and minds of some of your favourite famous faces.


Moranifesto by Caitlin Moran

I’ve been meaning to read this for a long time. Moranifesto is essentially an anthology of all of Caitlin’s essays and thought pieces from her weekly column, coupled with a few new bits and bobs. From rape culture and politics, to high heels and sport, Caitlin covers all bases with her wit, insight and determined words. I’m hoping to write a full review soon, but add this to your TBR list if you’re looking for inspiration. I’m currently reading her chapter on General Elections – somewhat eerily perfect timing.


Mad Men

I am years behind on this one. I watched the first two seasons when I borrowed the DVDs from my sister in 2012/13, but since she didn’t have the full box set, I was never able to feed my desire for the world of Don Draper…until now. Thank God for Netflix. I’m steaming through each episode, and it’s a joy. I love seeing the world change in the microcosm of the Sterling Cooper office; fashion, politics and equality are constantly on the move, with brilliant characters and music to boot.

The Martian

Again, I’m not one for watching the latest releases am I!? I finally got round to watching The Martian and it was brilliant. Despite a couple of mixed reviews, it was all I had hoped for. Matt Damon’s humour was just perfect, and I was pleased to see some very familiar faces in the cast. I’m not big on Sci Fi, but you must see this if you haven’t already.

First Dates

It’s back! My favourite not-so-guilty pleasure has returned to our screens and I couldn’t be happier. First Dates is heartwarming, emotional, hilarious and a perfect window onto the world of dating in the modern-day singleton. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve been keeping tabs on tips and tricks from the show to apply in my own life; now if only I had some dates so I could put them into practice!


Easter Eggs



Lee Valley Velopark

In April my family and I spent the day at Lee Valley Velopark, home to cycling during London 2012, for a family birthday celebration. It was fantastic to see the sheer scale of the place! Sadly I wasn’t the one on the bike – but I will be next time! My dad, a huge cycling fan, had an amazing experience cycling on the same track as the pros. It’s quite something to see as the track is so much steeper than expected, and I love that the facilities are being used so well five years after the Olympic Games.

2017-04-17 12.11.06


Hastings brings back a plethora of childhood memories for me. It just about sums up the British seaside in my eyes; antique shops, adorable cafes and art galleries sit alongside trashy arcades, crazy golf and row after row of chippys and ice cream stalls. I visited Hastings with my mum over the Easter break and it was just the perfect day. If anyone’s interested I may well write a little ode to Hastings for the blog sometime.

2017-04-20 22.23.48


I wrote the above – my only blog post in April – one afternoon in my favourite coffee shop. I love nothing more than old-school rhymes, and wanted to update one that was commonly heard in my household while growing up. It’s a humourous look at IBS; a rather serious subject, and includes the words ‘gas and poop’. I am, very much, a classy poet.


What have you been enjoying over the last month? Send me your links in the comments – or hunt me down on Twitter and share a few of your inspirational links – I’m always looking for more!


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