A pocketful of inspiration: My favourite podcasts right now

In my April and March Monthly Muses blog post I briefly mentioned my adoration of all things podcast-based right now.

It seems the podcast world is booming at the moment, and countless people are taking it upon themselves to get talking about anything; from happiness and feminism to science and pornography (and sometimes, all of those at the same time).

Podcasting is the new blogging and vlogging, it seems, and I’m in favour of it.

I’ve recently found myself filling all my spare time listening to podcasts constantly; it’s a great source of inspiration, motivation and entertainment. I think it’s also a way for me to get the same buzz as reading while on the move on my commute (or in the shower, or at the gym, or while cooking…). I like to keep my body and mind busy, and podcasts are a fantastic way to get thinking about topics and learn new things while multitasking.

I thought I’d share with you my current favourites. I’ve made my way through a lot of different podcasts – some of which have left me a little disappointed, or unimpressed – but some have blown me away and left me wanting more.

Please share your favourites with me in the comments below (or indeed send them to me on Twitter instead – you can find me at @joannefisher) I’d love to discover something new to add to my growing list!

1. The Guilty Feminist

I am utterly, unyieldingly in love with The Guilty Feminist. It unites two of my favourite things – comedy and feminism. There’s nothing that inspires me more than a confident, funny woman! Recorded in front of a live audience, Deborah Frances-White brings together some of the funniest, wittiest, most marvellous guests to discuss topics ranging from body capability and democracy to sexuality and the Bechdel test. It’s really a show for everyone, and incredibly clever, as well as being utterly hilarious. I not only find myself laughing and nodding along, but also sometimes tearing up or learning something new. These women are intelligent, motivated and inspiring. A true must-listen. Subscribe ASAP.

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2. The High Low

I didn’t listen to Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton’s previous podcast incarnation, but discovered The High Low through my friend & fellow blogger Amy Harwood. This weekly show covers everything high and low brow (hence the name!). You can expect debates on memes, tamagotchis and MIC, as well as Trump, Brexit and the recent United Airlines / Pepsi scandals. Dolly and Pandora are witty and charming and whenever I listen to The High Low I feel like we’re having a brilliant catch-up over a glass of rose and and something with avocado on it.

3. The Female Struggle is Real

My friend Emma Jo Real-Davies is not only bossing it in the blogging universe, she’s now started her own podcast! She works in radio, so it only seems natural that she stars in her own show. The Female Struggle is Real (I only noticed the witty name a few weeks ago – I’m a little slow) is still in its early days but Emma is a natural at chatty anecdotes about serious subjects. So far she’s discussed online dating and body image, but I have insider knowledge that some future episodes will be real corkers. For her latest episode she took us to her first ever smear test, which was a stroke of genius. One day she might even let me loose on the airwaves! Until that day, I’ll remain a firm fan, and urge you to do the same thing and subscribe.

4. Bryony Gordon’s Mad World

I read Bryony’s recent bestseller, Mad Girl, in a mere matter of days. Hers is a harrowing and emotional mental health story which is told with skill, sensitivity, wit and humour. Writing her book was a huge test in itself, and she has garnered well-deserved respect from so many. When she announced her new podcast, Bryony Gordon’s Mad World, it once again went straight onto my download list, and was instantly being raved about on Twitter. Her first episode features Prince Harry which is incredibly impressive and touching, and I can’t wait to hear stories from future guests about their own experiences with mental health issues.

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5. TED Radio Hour

This was probably the first podcast I ever downloaded. I’m very fond of Ted Talks, but they’re almost too short – I like to settle into a long discussion. My favourite thing about NPR’s TED Radio Hour is that it squishes a number of talks together to create one long episode in one hour, on one theme. On my way to work I can learn about chemistry, genetic modification, the seven deadly sins and meditation. Guy Raz is a brilliant host, and often, one hour later, I am inspired and ready to get creative. Often I find a lot of ideas for my writing through this podcast.

6.  Desert Island Disks

I am proud to say I am finally a fully fledged fan of Kirsty Young and Desert Island Disks. I always thought it was only something my mum would enjoy, but I wish I had listened to her sooner about how brilliant it is. There’s always an interesting guest lined up, and Kirsty has a wonderful way of coaxing the most heartfelt and hilarious stories from some very famous figures. One minute they’re on the brink of tears, the next they’re telling a silly story about a quirky family holiday. I’ve learned so much about some of my favourite people, and it’s my go-to podcast for a long train journey.

7. Make Out With Him

I’ve loved Lex Croucher’s sense of humour and honest attitude for a few years now, so when she announced she’d be making a podcast with her chum Rosianna Halse Rojas called Make Out With Him, I downloaded it instantly. It’s an honest and entertaining look at love and relationships of all shapes and sizes and, though only a couple of episodes in, I really enjoy their take on things. Serious and heartfelt advice and discussions are peppered with Harry Potter references, hapless anecdotes and buckets of innuendo.

What are you listening to right now? Share them with me in the comments below, or tweet them to me. 


2 thoughts on “A pocketful of inspiration: My favourite podcasts right now

  1. Hattie B says:

    The Guilty Feminist was recommended to me ages ago and this reminded me to check it out – thank you! The rest of the list looks great too – I’m a Dolly Alderton fan so #2 will be next on my list!


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